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Instant Facials™

Facial masks are the latest innovation from Asia – a growing trend that has been driven by celebrities posting selfies on social media. Designed for the modern woman, our Instant Facials™ deliver professional-grade skincare results without the cost and hassle of going to a salon. Our unique transfer technology infuses your skin with our powerful serums up to ten times faster than applying it topically.

 Each Instant Facial™ retains 25ml to 30ml of serum and envelops your skin a unique blend of hardworking ingredients to combat your specific concerns from blackheads to uneven skin tone. Intensely hydrating and deeply nourishing, our powerful, antioxidant-rich formulas also help to combat the different signs of ageing. After just 20 minutes, you’re ready to reveal plumped, glowing and simply gorgeous skin.

Seoulista Beauty® Instant Facials™ are manufactured using completely natural and organic ingredients which are fermented using the highest levels of hygiene, so they’re safe to use on even the most sensitive skins.