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“I loved the refreshing feeling after using my Instant Facial mask. Everybody told me how “glowy” my skin looked and it felt so soft.

As a model, I’m prone to late nights and early starts. One of the many benefits to using the Instant Facials is they make your face look incredibly fresh – even when you’ve had a busy week and hardly any sleep.”

Meet Charlotte

With her striking mane of red hair, jaw dropping bone structure, long, elegant lines and a gait so smooth she seems to float along the floor, Charlotte Sophie Brooke certainly makes a strong first impression. A highly successful model and beauty pageant contestant, she is also a campaigner on ecological issues and soon to be author of a self help book for victims of domestic abuse. There’s certainly even more to this lithe and lovely lady than meets the eye.

Seoulista Beauty chats to our newest ambassador to find out more about the fierce female behind the face…

How to make it as a model

Born in Reading, Charlotte started modelling part-time at 14. She completed her A-levels but was put off further education by sky rocketing university fees. Instead, she decided to play the (quite frankly incredible) hand nature had dealt her and use her height and looks to begin a career modelling in London. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing and instant success.

She says, “You have to work hard and really put the time in to make it work. I moved to London at 19 and modelled alongside my day job, but 3 years later the business I was working for went bust. I took that as a sign to just go for it. As it’s time consuming being your own agent, you sometimes just have to bite the bullet and take a chance on yourself. When you’re not in the top 2%, it’s not that lucrative and people can just choose not to pay you for the work you’ve done. You have to be strong enough to cope with the uncertainty of whether you’ll work that day or week. That said, I’d be bored with a 9-5, and I really enjoy modelling. I get to travel, which is another bonus. I’ve been away 6 times this year already.”

She also has some interesting thoughts for younger models. “You don’t have to have an agent. I tried it and it was my slowest ever year. It doesn’t work for me, but it does for other people. You just have to try it and see.”

In addition to modelling, she also discovered pageants around the same time as becoming a full time model. She met the 2016 Miss Earth England winner at another pageant in 2013 and they stayed in touch. She remembers, “When she won Miss Earth England last year, I was so impressed with all her activist work and all the good she seemed to be doing. ”

She thought she was too close to the 2017 competition to take part, but on the urging of the then reigning Miss Earth, she decided to chance it. ” I thought I would need a year to apply for Miss Earth England, not just the 4 weeks I had before the competition, but Luissa encouraged me to enter nonetheless. She said as long as I worked hard,there was no reason I couldn’t win.” A strong performance in the public vote and an intensely delicious vegan chocolate cake for the judges were just a few of the things that contributed to her eventual England win. The next stage of the competition takes her to the Philippines for the world finals.

More than just a pretty face

Remarking on her win, she says, “I really do care about the planet, I have a message to spread and I see winning as a great opportunity. I’m going to make really good use of the platform to raise awareness of the issues that matter most.”

“I turned vegetarian at 14 and then 2 years ago I met Henry and Ian, the creators of BOSH [a 1.3 million strong online community of vegan foodies], and we became fast friends. It was clear we shared a lot of the same values. These guys introduced me to veganism and shared with me some amazing and easy recipes to get started on my new path. Once I understood the arguments around it, it was a pretty logical choice to go vegan. It takes 2500 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef. There are only 35 gallons in the average bathtub. I just can’t justify that. The impact on the environment is massive. And vegan food can be really nice, it doesn’t all taste bland and boring.”

“Vegans can be seen as being quite judgemental and that puts a lot of people off. What I want to do is use Miss Earth as a platform to encourage people to change their behaviour in whatever way they can. It’s not all or nothing. Just being more aware of what you’re doing and doing little things can make a huge difference. And it’s always better than nothing at all.”

There’s more to Miss Brook than a strong stance on ecological issues. She’s also writing a book, which she describes as “self-help for domestic violence victims.”

“I was in an abusive relationship and I really want to make that into something positive and help other people in similar situations. A quarter of women are abused at some point and I suspect the figures around men don’t tell half the story because they find it even harder to talk about it. I want to change that. People open up to me about their own experiences because they know I get it. That’s good. I want to make it ok to talk about it. Sometimes people blame the victim for not escaping the situation. Everyone who’s not been on that journey needs to understand what its like. That’s another thing I hope this book helps to do.”

Why Seoulista Beauty

“I’ve known Abi [Abi O – celeb tanning artist, owner of BeauBronz and Seoulista Beauty ambassador] for years. She only works with good people, so when she said she was working with Seoulista Beauty that meant a lot. The products are very natural and the ethos of the company is great. It’s a young company and I wanted to get involved with something that will grow and do good in the world.”

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