• The Fermentation Process

    Could this new trend reveal your best skin ever? According to The Telegraph, Refinery 29, Get the Gloss, and a host of other beauty authorities, fermentation in skincare is the next big beauty trend. From kimchi (tea) to tofu and kefir (a fermented milk product), the benefits of eating fermented foods [...] The post The Fermentation Process appeared first on Seoulista Beauty.

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  • Trolls are Ugly

    Trolls are Ugly

    Seoulista Beauty® stands against the ugly business of cyber bullying With cyber-slang and techie-slang spawning new words all the time, the team at Merriam-Webster have their hands full keeping up to date with our ever-expanding English language. From airball and binge-watch to selfie and photobomb, over 1,000 words have been [...] The post Trolls are Ugly appeared first on Seoulista Beauty.

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