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Lifestyle Moments

What’s happening in your life?

We want to share your lifestyle moments with you. Our travel-friendly products are designed so that you can slip them into your suitcase and always look your best for those special moments in your life (or you’re not going to enjoy them quite as much as you could, right?)

Find out which products we recommend to help you look camera-ready for each of the following occasions:

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We understand that your time is precious, especially when prepping for a special occasion:

  • Our Instant Facials™ enable you to sip a cocktail, eat a hotdog, search for the cat or call your boyfriend. (But we wouldn’t recommend doing all at the same time.)
  • Our Instant Manicures™ have been designed so that you can still type or text using your touch screen. (Perfect if you suffer from FOMO.)
  • Our latest transfer system infuses your skin with our hardworking serums up to ten times faster than applying it topically.
  • All it takes is 20 minutes – watch a box set, paint your nails, or prep for a night out with friends while you wait.