Seoulista Curly Girl System™

What is the Seoulista Curly Girl System™?

Seoulista Beauty® has created the Seoulista Curly Girl System™ so you know your curls are getting the care they deserve – so you can live your best Curly Girl life.



The Seoulista Curly Girl System™ believes in avoiding ingredients that we know can be detrimental to your curl’s health. Our Seoulista Curly Locks™ formulation contains clean-conscious ingredients, and is free from parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oil, artificial colours, and drying alcohols – basically any ingredients that are known to have a negative impact on your curls.


Paraben Free

Sulphate Free


No Mineral Oil

No Artificial Colours

No Drying Alcohols


Beyond the ingredients that aren’t included, the Seoulista Curly Girl System™ also believes that the ingredients thatare included should help you reach your full healthy curl potential – by helping to hydrate, strengthen, and restore moisture and shine to curls.

A concentrated complex of nourishing proteins which helps to revive damaged curls, strengthen the curl structure, and encourage more defined curls that maintain their natural shape.

Multi-Dimensional Hyaluronic Acids
Helping to replenish the hair fibre from deep within – smaller molecules penetrate the hair shaft while larger molecules seal in hydration from the surface for more manageable curls and a healthy, hydrated shine

Shea Butter
A natural fat obtained from the fruit of the shea tree that is known for its nourishing, protecting and softening properties, without weighing your curls down. Anti-inflammatory by nature, it soothes and hydrates the scalp too. Win win!

Argan Oil
A botanical oil also referred to as “liquid gold” that is known to condition, reduce frizziness, and promote shine for healthier curls – as well as improving scalp health.

Fruit Acids
Curly hair is naturally slightly acidic, and should be kept this way for your healthiest curls. Bilberry fruit extract, sugar cane extract, orange extract, lemon extract, and sugar maple extract help maintain this balance.


Seoulista Silky Locks Hair Wrap™ is your curl’s new best friend. Made from gentle, smoothing microfibre suede to absorb excess water from your curls, preventing frizz and keeping curl’s definition.

Perfect for both curl-scrunching and plopping, the wrap keeps your curls compact as they dry, while maintaining the volume and smoothness of your swirls.

Simply lean forward, place the wrap over your hair, secure using the button at the back, and plop to your curl’s content!

Learn to embrace your curls with the Seoulista Curly Girl System™

Seoulista Curly Locks® Hair Mask - Seoulista Beauty
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Seoulista Curly Locks® Hair Mask - Seoulista Beauty
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