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The science behind the brand

Bio-cellulose is the latest innovation in the beauty industry and offers multiple benefits over its predecessors which included inexpensive cotton & gel transfer for the face.

What is bio-cellulose?

Bio-cellulose is made through the age-old process of fermentation,  using natural ingredients such as coconut and bamboo. These ingredients ferment to create an ultra-fine, highly absorbent and strong web-like structure. During fermentation, the natural ingredients break down, creating skin-beneficial actives that are easily absorbed by the skin.

Seoulista Beauty® Instant Facials™ are manufactured in the same way, using stringently hygienic fermentation process. Our ultra-fine, highly absorbent and biodegradable masks adhere closely to the face and infuse the skin with our powerful ingredients up to ten times faster than applying the serum topically. Using this cutting-edge transfer technology, our nutrient-rich, anti-ageing formulas are delivered deep into the dermis for fast-acting and instantly visible results.

The magic behind our masks

Our bio-cellulose technology has many benefits over other masks. Here are our top ten reasons why Seoulista Beauty® Instant Facials™ are the brand to beat:

Your skin will like it

Our Instant Facials™ are made from naturally derived extracts and have the same structure as the cellulose in the skin’s epidermis, so they have a high affinity with the skin.

It won’t break

The strong, web-like 3D structure forms a strong yet soft sheet that won’t break or tear on application or removal.

More moisture

Studies show that our Instant Facials™ leave your skin five times more hydrated than classic paper masks four hours after application.

It’s fast

Our Instant Facials™ retain the highest concentration of moisture, enabling them to hold more active ingredients, which are infused into the skin up to ten times faster than applying it topically.

Better protection

Our Instant Facials™ are proven to reduce the oxidative damage caused by sun exposure, pollution and external factors.

It delivers

Our Instant Facials™ are ten times more effective than other bio-cellulose masks due to their moisture delivery system, which delivers effective ingredients deep into the dermis.

It fits

The fibre diameter of our Instant Facials™ is three hundred times finer of than vegetable cellulose masks. This mesh-like structure adheres to every contour of the face, enabling maximum infusion of the ingredients.

Safe for your skin

Leveraging natural ingredients, completely biodegradable, and manufactured using stringently hygienic fermentation techniques, our masks offer the highest levels of safety for the skin.

More bang for your buck

Our Instant Facials™ retain the highest levels of serum and active ingredients, including antioxidants, vitamins, probiotics and essential fatty acids.

The science bit

During the fermentation process, the skin-beneficial ingredients in our Instant Facials™ are broken down, making them more easily absorbed by the skin.

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