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Seoulista Beauty®

Great skincare
No fuss, no drama

Naturally derived, created and tested by Dermatologists, Seoulista Beauty® brings you the latest innovations from around the globe to help you to achieve a radiant, healthy clear complexion. No fuss, no drama, just fast-acting results-driven skincare.

We take our direction from South Korea’s thriving cosmetics industry, K-beauty. Our name Seoulista embodies the flawless skin and natural beauty of South Korean women. We’ve harnessed all this knowledge and created affordable skincare and complementary tools to help you recreate that beautiful glow in the comfort of your own home.

Treat yourself to a salon-quality facial

without disrupting your day or blowing your budget

The latest K-beauty trend taking the celebrity world by storm is the instant mask. Harnessing the power of this new technology, our masks are created from cutting-edge materials and are drenched with high-tech serums to leave your skin looking and feeling fabulous. So prep for that party night out or indulge in a quiet night in with our one-step Instant Facials™.

No mess, no fuss, no drama – just fast acting, surprisingly affordable, and instantly visible results that put a smile on your face.


The beauty of our Instant Facials™

Completely biodegradable, our Instant Facials™ are made from fermenting natural ingredients such as coconut, so they’re safe for the most sensitive skins. The super-soft material is exceptionally absorbent, enabling it to soak up the skin-beneficial actives: vitamins, probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, and enzymes.

Each mask is infused with up to 30ml of serum and uses the latest transfer technology to infuse your skin with the nutrients it needs – up to ten times faster than applying it topically. After just 20 minutes, you’re ready to reveal sensational, smile-worthy skin.

A Seoulista Beauty® CAMPAIGN


We want everyone to feel good in their own skin and being a victim of bullying is pretty much guaranteed to make sure that’s not possible. We wanted to take a stand against cyberbullying, and to discourage negative online behaviour through awareness and education.